Monday, December 8, 2008


Riley and I had a wonderful time this weekend. I always feel guilty taking one child out and not all of them but I think that Riley and I really needed that time together. We got to go to Waxahachie Tx with his Nana J and Aunt Amanda. They have this amazing reenactment of Bethlehem. Of course it was packed there but this little church built the little town of Bethlehem in there backyard. If you can get out to see this it is really well worth the drive.
These guys were sitting outside the city walls just chatting to everyone. I took his picture and he kept asking were the lightning came from if there was not a cloud in the sky. (Flash on the camera)
Then Mary and Joseph rode in on the Donkey they entered the city and paid there taxes. They went to the Inn who had no room for them and proceeded to the manger.
The visitors came in with the camels and the Wise Men made there entrance.
Roman soldiers were everywhere. They ushered in people, caught thieves, tormented the blacksmith because his sword broke. It was really neat you actually felt like you were there in Bethlehem in the market as if it were so long ago.

The city had shops for selling bread and they asked you if you wanted to buy bread and chickens. One man asked me if I would like some bread and I told him I had no money. He asked me if my man doth not care for me. I said I guess not. He told me to go get him and he would protest him to care for me. I laughed.

It was a really neat experience and we are glad that we could do that with Nana J and Aunt Amanda. We might just have to go back with the whole family.


Anonymous said...

That's seems really cool. Peyton is just now understanding that Christmas is Jesus' Birthday! Did Riley understand all of it?

Jessica Lynn said...

That sounds so cool! I wanna go see it! :D

Anonymous said...

My friend Nikki has a tall skinny tree and she does a really good job with it. She has a pic of it on her blog, check it out!
She sticks to a theme and uses really overly large ornaments. It's looks really professional. I could never stick to a theme. We have too many differnet things we all want to show off!

Momo said...

I really like the Bethlehem pictures they are really awesome.


April Austin said...

What an awesome experience. I didn't know that's why you guys went down there. I hope Tony gave you some money for bread!