Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Chores

The weather has been descent between the thunder storms over the last month. So we decided to do some work in the yard. For those of you that have small children you know what a challenge this can be. You don't want them to get muddy and you definitely don't want them to get bit by bugs, and really don't want them to run away. Well we decide to just let loose and instead of chasing Bryce we stripped him down and let him dig right into the wonder and curiosity of the one year old he is. And this was the result.

Give a boy some rocks a hole and some water and ohhh what fun he can have.....


Over the last month we have watched two sparrows set up a nest right outside our kitchen window. It took these poor birds about two weeks to make there nest. And then they sat in it for about a week and out of this came five little baby birds.

These birds are so much fun to watch. I most definitely wouldn't want to be a bird, after watching them all day I have decided that my children are easy and not too demanding. The baby birds will leave the nest in a couple of weeks,it makes me sad to think that these birds will never meet again. That there families are only together for such a short time. We are all excited to see our baby birds grow up and fly away. But hey we have to nurture our children for 18 years and for some longer......So maybe....No just kidding...I could keep my kids FOREVER.....