Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow Days

Texas broke a record for the most snow fall in one day measuring in at 12.5 inches. It was crazy but one of the best snow falls I have ever seen in Texas. It was perfect for making snowmen, I even went back to my childhood and got out there and made a snow fort like we use to with Dad. It was great, Brenden is climbing out of the snow fort that we made but the lighting is horrible, the snow was so bright you can't see it really. It was awesome, and we played hard.

So Brenden broke the zipper on his jacket and the zipper was stuck together at his neck. We tried really hard to pull it off but ended up breaking the zipper to get him out of his coat.
Brenden climbing out of the snow fort that we made.

Riley threw the snow mans nose in the trash can.

We were suppose to be watching a movie.....

Funny right! I came out of my room where I was folding laundry, obviously not watching my two year old very closely, and this is what I found. At first I looked at his hands and thought cheetos untill I saw the sofa. Good news though, washable markers really do come out with a lot of elbow grease and a few choice words. Why do they choose to eat the Markers?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Mind is Blown

I really didn't think that I could trump the week that I had last week....That was until I woke up this morning....My day included lots of running around with two sick kids Because I had to pick Brenden up from school again. Lots of screaming from a toddler who wanted his way.....No naps, yeah....Set up at the church which was dismantled by Bryce after it was put together.....A messy pants clean up because Brenden is still sick, while out and about, who carries extra underwear for there potty trained 7 year old...yuck....A long trip to the Asthma specialist...A lot of screaming from Bryce because he didn't want to be couped in the doctors room....And just a whole lot of frustration.....

What did I learn from all this.....I can get mad at the situation all I want but the outcome is always the same.....I am left exhausted but I survived it...All the your crazy lady looks and all.....I never ever ever want to be a single mother...and those that are more power to you....I admire you.

Motherhood is wonderful