Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Tagging!

OK well lets see I think that I am suppose to copy April question and answer them but this little game came with no instructions. Go figure. Well here we go!!!!

My Favorite Things Around The House

My favorite thing in the kitchen is...My dishwasher, which usually consists of Tony at the sink rinsing and loading in yesterdays dishes. The dishwasher itself is great but the person who loads it is even better and its usually not me.

My favorite thing in the bathroom is... what bathrooms...we have bathrooms....we supposedly have two of them but you would never know because they are soooooo small.

My favorite thing in the bedroom is...My bed, I don't think that there is any comparison there. Oh wait it might be my fan, you see the Needs kids have this awful addiction to noisy fans. We don't sleep with out them and we tend to spread that addiction to our spouses.

My favorite thing in the living room is...I would say that it's the big over sized chair up against the wall. I would sleep in that thing if I didn't like my bed so much. It is about the only thing that my but fits in these days.

My favorite thing in the bedroom closet is...Maybe all of Tony's cloths. How does a guy accumulate more cloths than a girl. I think that he has this fetish for shirts that he doesn't want to tell me about, because his side of the closet keeps growing....hmmmmm!

My favorite thing in the pantry is...That would be my washer and dryer, as noisy as they are they keep my grubby little boys clothes clean. And they can make a mess.

My favorite thing in the "office" is...My computer of course! And my husband who now pays the bills.....Yeah!

My favorite thing in the baby's room is... Well that would be of course the wonderful Dino Country painted all over the walls, and the noisy air purifier that drowns out all the noise the big boys make when Bryce is sleeping.

Allright now I tag Jodi, Dee, and Tessa

Thursday, April 17, 2008

We really enjoyed Riley's first game of flag football. He did lapse a couple of times and was off in la la land. We caught him doing cart wheels in between plays twice. He did run the ball a couple of times and it was awesome to see him just go for it. The team lost but the kids had a great time.


1. I have elf pinned ears the doctor said that they might pop out, might

2. I am very picky about how I sleep

3. I hate it when you take my bottle away to burp me

4. My nick name is squeaky weaky because I don't cry so much as I do squeal

5. I like to be held a lot and when you put me down I'll let you know how I feel about that

6. Pacifier, what pacifier, I like to chew on my blanket until it is soaked

7. If you hold me watch out because I will spit up on you

8. I have the cutest smile ever

9. Mom is happy that I finally sleep through the night 9:00pm to 6:45am

10.Everything is funny,just talk to me and I will smile at you

11. I have a scowl like my cousin Devin and I'm not afraid to use it

12. If you leave me alone too long I will voice my opinion about it

13. I started out really quiet ,not so much anymore.

14. I hate hate hate my car seat

15. For the most part I am a very happy baby

16. I love my family very much

Tornado Weather Has Arrived

I have never been more freaked out than I was tonight. At about 6:30 my mother called and asked if I had been watching the weather she said it was going to be bad. Tony had just ran Riley home from football practice so I told him that it was coming and asked him to put the car in the garage and move the go carts outside in the back. He kinda rolled his eyes a little but did it any ways. He's a great man. Well from 7:15 to about 8:30 I was in panic mode. The sky was intense and the sirens were going off. So I grabbed the boys a flashlight and my phone and we headed for the bathroom. I realized that I forgot the mattress so I went back into the boys room and grabbed it and it was really hard to fit threw the bathroom door and over the tub. Well tony calls and tells me that there is a tornado out there so take cover. (Tony is at work he has recently switched to night crew.) Well he calls back and tells me that its OK to come out now so we do and it was really calm out side the winds died down and I thought OK I can calm down now and I called mom. Well by the time I got off the phone with her it was getting really nasty out. The sky was black and the sirens were going off again. We hung outside for a couple of minutes and it started to rain really hard so we ran back inside and I grabbed the kids and we hung out in the bathroom again. Now I am a big chicken when it comes to this stuff but I want to see what is going on so I keep sneaking out and it was getting really bad and I thought I really just need to be in there with kids they are crying by this time. Well I was talking to them about what was happening and they were calming down finally and then the hail came. At first it was what is that I think it's hail. Then it was oh my gosh, is that hail what is that? It was coming down so hard and so fast I thought it was going to break the windows. Brenden was crying and yelling its going to get us. I gave the baby to Riley and I went out of the bathroom to see what going on. I called Tony I couldn't believe what was happening, it was so loud inside the house that I could hardly hear him on the phone. It was insane. the noise of it all was by far the worst part of it. It finally settled down and the boys were a little afraid to go to bed but they finally fell asleep. I have to say that if it was just me and I didn't have to worry about the boys I think that I would have been alright and thought what a cool storm. But what got me is that we were so unprepared for this and I just kept thinking that if something were to happen to me the boys would be lost. That is something that I need to work on. But in all like Brenden said It was a crazy night!!!!

This was our safe place! In our tiny little bathroom down the hall. After being in there all night I heard on the new that you shouldn't be in the bath tub because lightning travels through the water pipes and you would be fried in your tub. Nice!

If you could see the tree in this picture, see the line to the left of the picture. The hail come down so hard and fast the this little skinny tree trunk left an untouched patch of grass. Weird.
This is my attempt of getting a picture of size. There was a ton of this stuff it looked like it had snowed. I was floored.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


The DALLAS STARS are out for the fight!!!! The STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS have begun. I know that everyone is consumed with March Madness and there silly BASKETBALL, but we are super excited about the HOCKEY. GO HOCKEY!! Now granted the STARS have had a rough few 12 games but we are hopeful. SO anyone who wants to get down with STARS make it out to our house for the games. YEAH GO STARS!!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yesterday was a very interesting day for me. It started off in the morning with a routine trip to school, only my keys were locked inside the car along with my cell phone. Now this is not a big deal because the school is about 6 blocks away so I thought , I'll walk ,I can use the exercise. Then panic set in, The stroller is in the trunk, so now what it is too far to Carry him the entire way, and then I remembered that we had a snuggly. ( for those who don't know what that is its a back pack for your baby) Now by this time we are late to school and I just remembered that I forgot to pack Brendens Lunch. Now we are really late, on the way Riley brought it to my attention that Brenden had taken this little plastic grenade with him and I told him that I was going to take it from him. I was so consumed with the fact that they were walking so slow and climbing on everything and that we were late, that I forgot to take the grenade from Brenden. Now I am on my way home and it dawned on my that I had an extra key to the car in the house, now had I stopped freaking out and slowed down my thinking I might have caught that before we left the house. Still not a big deal because now I don't have to walk to the school two more times to pick them up. So its now 2:15 and time to pick Brenden up and I go to the car to get him and my phone is beeping, I have a message. Well it was Brendens teacher she said that Brenden brought a toy grenade to school with him and that they have a no tolerance policy for weapons. Now keep in mind that she was laughing. But he and his toy were in the office today visiting the Principal about this. I stopped in the office mortified and talked to the ladies at the desk and I told them about my morning and that I had every intention of taking the toy but was distracted. I totally understand why they would be concerned with this and respect that they would address it. But it is a piece of PLASTIC. Now as if this day couldn't get any weirder. We went home and came back to school to get Riley and of course it was one of those days for TX weather and it looked like it was going to open up and poor. So I parked my car instead of waiting in the car line to pick him up because I didn't want him to get soaked and as we rounded the corner and headed for the car, we had 10 feet to go, and the sky opened up and it just poored. I laughed at the irony, at least he didn't stand out there in it for 10 minutes, but we were drenched it turned the umbrella inside out and everything. In all I still had the composer to laugh at the day.