Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who Busted A Grumpy?

Does anyone know what Who Busted A Grumpy is beside my Riley?

We were out getting my nephew a B-Gift....Happy Birthday Devin.....and we drove past a dead skunk and of course they illuminate this wonderful aroma. Riley Blurts out "Who Busted A Grumpy". I just about died I thought that it was the best thing I heard since the Wienus. It is now a favorite word of Mine. Go Riley!

For those of you who don't know what a wienus is.....It was my attempt to spit out "Don't play with your.......( penis- wiener)..I have this wonderful ability to mix all my words together and make no sense at all to anyone.

Who knew it would stick...There are a few of my friends and family that use that word despite it's inappropriateness.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trunk Or Treat

Love Love Love Halloween....I feel sorry for those that don't....It is the one day that you can dress up like whom ever or what ever you please and not one person can judge you. We had a blast last night at the Trunk or Treat. Nana J came out with us and we were glad to have her help.
I had this fun idea for Riley's costume, he was a boy caught in a spider web half eaten by the spider and he looked cool. After a huge fight to get him to wear the spider we ended up taking it off midway through treating.

Brenden was the Grim Reaper and his face paint took about 20 minutes and he won the scariest costume at the party. He was really proud.

Bryce was a snake costume that has been around for a couple of years, I love this costume.

The Boys looked great and they collected lots of Candy for me...HHHHMMMMMM!!! YUM...YUM....Did I mention that I love Halloween.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nothing But Trouble

So for some time now we have been chasing Bryce around the house because you never know what he is sneaking into. Recently I got so fed up that I tied the chairs for the Table to the table legs in an attempt to prevent this from happening three even four times a day. He is a monster!

These were the easy days, the bad days are when you catch your one year old sprawled across the stove trying to turn it on. Yikes! The chair was his personal accomplice. We had to get rid of him....(the chair)

Backyard fun!

Riley got this baseball game from Nana and Papa Needs and the boys had a great time playing with it the other day. I had to post Brenden because he cracked me up. Watch where he throws the balls and how he throws them....

I Love this Kid!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mean Mom

Brenden our soon to be seven years old was my first child to say something to me directly to hurt my feelings. I can't believe this is happening all ready, but let me tell you what lead us up to this.
I told the boys that I am tired of being a short order cook when it comes to dinner time and in an effort to get them to eat more healthily they would be eating or not eating what we ate for dinner.
The other night I made spaghetti, what kid doesn't love spaghetti.....Brenden likes to say he hates it ever time we make it, yet devourers it after putting in a good 30 min debate about why he thinks he doesn't like it. So he took a few bites and started with the I lost my appetite bit...I said fine don't eat it but you lost your appetite so no snacks no dessert. We pouted while everyone else finished dinner and went about there business. I decided to sit on the couch and keep an eye on him. Then he comes and sits next to me, looks right at me and tells me that I am mean and yell at them all the time but am nice to Bryce.....This was an effort to make me feel bad so he could get what he wanted, but he starts crying because he now feels bad. What a goober, if your gonna do it, do it right at least. So I gave him a hug and told him I loved him but he had to eat his spaghetti anyways. Everything is better with cheese so we melted some cheese in his spaghetti and we were good to go.
I explained that in all fairness this eating problem is directly my fault for letting it get so out of hand. He looked at me like I was crazy. After all he likes what he eats.

Monday, July 27, 2009


We just want Riley to know that we are very proud of him and his accomplishments with baseball. Of course everyone thinks that there child is amazing, so why should we think any differently. He had a wonderful season this year and is an awesome hitter. He got two game balls for VIP, and if they had a trophy for looking good in a uniform he would definitely get it. We had fun watching him so I just wanted to post some pics.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tribute To My Wife

I just wanted everyone to know that I think that I am lucky to have Krisit as my wife. She is the only person that still thinks my goofiness is funny, laughs at my ignorance, forgives my mistakes, supports my decisions, and loves me completely. We are all truely blessed to have you in our lives. I lovey you, Honey, and just wanted everyone to know that.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Symbols of Love

It starts out with a routine visit to see my sister in Flower Mound. As I was driving down a road near home on my way out to Flower Mound a small flag caught my eye. This flag was laying in the middle of the road getting ran over by cars and school buses. I watched in my mirror as I passed it by to see if anyone was stopping to pick it up. My first instinct was to stop and get it out of the road. This was the least that I could do considering I am a wife to a United States Marine, one who I know loves his flag enough to walk to the model home next store and take down there tattered flag and give it to them. I thought to myself that if the flag was still there on my way home then I will go and get it out of the road. What was I thinking. I dismissed it because I was upset with Tony and I thought that at the time it was more important to be mad at him. Well time went on and about a week later I felt the urge to tell him about the flag. That it was just in the road and no one was stopping to pick it up. Then he said "What did you do?" I wanted so badly to be able to tell him that I slammed on my brakes and stopped traffic to pick up this symbol of our freedom that was getting trampled on. I know that this would have made him extremely proud. Instead I looked out the window and said "If it was still there I was going to get it on my way back, but it was gone." I thought about it for a moment and thought about the things that I am doing in my life. I want to be able to return to my heavenly father and be able to tell him that I gave that neighbor that book of Mormon, and not I meant to, but I was afraid that they would never talk to me again. Or When he asks what happened to the Sister that needed a friend, why didn't you see her, Oh I meant to there just was never a good time. I want to be able to say Yes I did those things, and even though they may not have made this big impression at the time, he will show me how that seed was planted and the testimony that grew. I have decided that I will do instead of think about it. I thought about rescuing that flag and how cool it would have been to stop traffic, but all I can say is that I thought about it. As I thought more about what had happened the prompting to get up and bare my testimony was extremely strong. Who knows it is possible that I might act upon that and DO IT.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


All that I can really say is WOW, Hawaii is amazing, breathtaking, and beautiful. I had an opportunity to run away to Oahu at the last minute this weekend to spend a week with my husband. One of the wonderful perks of the military is the travel, and all the amazing places you get to go for FREE.. It couldn't get any better than this. My only complaint is that we left the kids at home. Although it was blissful without them, I caught myself finding things that they would have really enjoyed. There is so much to do on the island as a family, it made me think of them often. We wondered out to the Dole Pineapple farms and ran around the World's largest maze. It was a blast. It just didn't get any better than this. Paradise Cove is said to have the best Luau in Hawaii, and it was amazing. I will remember this vacation for a long time, who knows maybe we will come back with the kids one day.

Fire dancer from the Luau

Picture of us at the Luau right at Sunset. You can't see the Sunset, because we are taking pictures with a disposable camera because someone forgot to grab our camera before we left.

We had time to stop by the Laie Temple next to BYU Hawaii. It was beautiful, they are remodeling the inside and outside, the grounds were amazing.

I had no idea that pineapples grew this way. The pineapple maze was so much fun. It took us 30 minutes to get through it.

This is a beach on the BYU side of the island. Probably the favorite of us both, it was calm and relaxing out there...Not so much touristy. And the beaches were pretty, we stopped here to have lunch and swim.

On my first day I Arrived in Hawaii by myself I had some time to kill so I made my way down to the beach. There was a little cove for boats and in the shallow water I found this. It made me laugh for a while. So of course I had to take a picture.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Chores

The weather has been descent between the thunder storms over the last month. So we decided to do some work in the yard. For those of you that have small children you know what a challenge this can be. You don't want them to get muddy and you definitely don't want them to get bit by bugs, and really don't want them to run away. Well we decide to just let loose and instead of chasing Bryce we stripped him down and let him dig right into the wonder and curiosity of the one year old he is. And this was the result.

Give a boy some rocks a hole and some water and ohhh what fun he can have.....


Over the last month we have watched two sparrows set up a nest right outside our kitchen window. It took these poor birds about two weeks to make there nest. And then they sat in it for about a week and out of this came five little baby birds.

These birds are so much fun to watch. I most definitely wouldn't want to be a bird, after watching them all day I have decided that my children are easy and not too demanding. The baby birds will leave the nest in a couple of weeks,it makes me sad to think that these birds will never meet again. That there families are only together for such a short time. We are all excited to see our baby birds grow up and fly away. But hey we have to nurture our children for 18 years and for some longer......So maybe....No just kidding...I could keep my kids FOREVER.....

Friday, April 10, 2009


I wanted to thank all those who came out for Riley's Baptism.... Even those that almost missed the begining due to poor navigation by the GPS sytem. Go figure. We love you all and are greatly appreciative for your support. And of course who doesn't love a big hoe down...stuff your face... Red Robin outing.

Thanks to Jonsey, Grandma and Granpa Needs for coming out, You missed a great lunch.

Riley's Baptism

What a great day! I don't think that as a parent you can ask for a more beautiful Saturday. We awoke early to get ready to head the Stake Center and despite all the early morning rising it was very calm and peaceful. We gathered our selves and headed out to the church. It was a stake child record of baptism day and there were about 8 other families there. We got Riley and Tony situated and changed over into there white clothing, and waited for the talks to begin. We had to meet in the Chapel because there were so many of us. Riley looked to be a little nervous, he stood up at the front of the pulpit with his tongue in his cheek, and I would have thought that Tony would have been a mess since this is his first baptism, But he was calm and oh so cool about it. We waited for our wards turn to head to the font. I couldn't help but to be emotional. This is my first born taking on such a great responsibility, even though Riley may not see it that way just yet. Riley was willing in every way. It was so sweet to see a father baptizing his son. The spirit was felt so greatly that day, I know that this is where I want my family to be forever. If there were any other reason to have a testimony of this gospel it would be for this. The gospel has strengthen my family in so many ways. Some are obvious such as Riley being baptised and there are others that come in some of the smallest packages. That only when you take a moment to reflect on the happiness that you have, do you see that it is the church working and growing with your family. I love the church and the strength that it has given me when I was out on the limb, and the simple fact that no matter how far you push it away, it is always there for you, It is a constant. I know in my heart that my family is stronger because of it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crazy Texas

Ice rained down in Texas last night. Of course everything here shuts down minus the idiots that think they can do anything. Then we awoke this morning to about an inch of ice all over the ground. Tony comes running down the stairs with ice skates in hand and a huge grin on his face. I chuckled at the idea of him skating on the pavement and of course didn't think that it was possible. He put on his skates and crawled across the tile floor and out he went. Now its not everyday that you see a person ice skating down a street, But it sure doesn't ever happen in Texas. He took off down the busy road in front of our house and he came home laughing because people were waving at him and pointing. Go figure, watch it will pop up on Leno.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Baby is One

Bryce has turned one, I have so many mixed emotions. I'm happy he is growing and sad that he is growing. And glad that he is walking and sad that he is walking. I am excited that he is making all these milestones and growing into a delightful boy, but it is just that. My little baby is growing and that makes me sad. I was good with two children and blessed with three and sad that he is the last. He makes our day wonderful and bright and we love him so much. We can't wait for the many more happy years that we get with him. Happy Birthday My Little Boy!!!