Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow marks our Ten Year Anniversary. What can I say to TEN YEARS!!!! We made it, we beat the odds, or how about a simple I love you babe. This last ten years has been wonderful and trying but we have made some crazy great things out of it.

1. Riley Scott Johansen
2. Renowned faith in each other
3. Brenden Connor Johansen
4. Renowned faith in the church
5. Courage to try something new
6. Countless moves
7. Two beautiful homes.
8. Bryce James Johansen
9. Renewed love for each other
10. Respect
11. Compromise
12. Knowledge of each other
13. Growth
14. Understanding
15. Countless numbers of pets
16. Two wonderful families
17. Strength
18. Love

Most of these things are works in progress but what is a great marriage without a goal in mind. I love you and all that you are. I am grateful to have gotten this far in our life and to have accomplished so much together. I will take the bad with the good and the good with bad and follow you anywhere. Except back to New York. Just kidding. Happy ten year anniversary. I love you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Why do siblings Fight? I remember not being so nice to my brothers and sister when I was growing up but I do remember loving them. So Why do Siblings fight?

We went to a Christmas party at the Base this weekend which was fun, there were bounce houses every where. Free food and goodies, face painting, free toys, and good company. Of Course the entertainment were the Johansen boys. Every time we turned around some one was screaming at the other. Or some how a folded arm would hit the other in the head. All of Tony's friends get a kick out of them of course but at times it can be really embarrassing. Santa flew in on a KC-130 and you would think that while standing in line to meet Santa Clause of all people that they would be on there best behavior.

Needless to say we left before they could sit on Santa's lap. We told them there was plenty of time to see Santa but today was not the best day because they were on there worst behavior. Unreal Santa can't even set them straight.

We LOVE Our Aunt April

Love LOVE Love the Shirt. Thanks April!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Riley and I had a wonderful time this weekend. I always feel guilty taking one child out and not all of them but I think that Riley and I really needed that time together. We got to go to Waxahachie Tx with his Nana J and Aunt Amanda. They have this amazing reenactment of Bethlehem. Of course it was packed there but this little church built the little town of Bethlehem in there backyard. If you can get out to see this it is really well worth the drive.
These guys were sitting outside the city walls just chatting to everyone. I took his picture and he kept asking were the lightning came from if there was not a cloud in the sky. (Flash on the camera)
Then Mary and Joseph rode in on the Donkey they entered the city and paid there taxes. They went to the Inn who had no room for them and proceeded to the manger.
The visitors came in with the camels and the Wise Men made there entrance.
Roman soldiers were everywhere. They ushered in people, caught thieves, tormented the blacksmith because his sword broke. It was really neat you actually felt like you were there in Bethlehem in the market as if it were so long ago.

The city had shops for selling bread and they asked you if you wanted to buy bread and chickens. One man asked me if I would like some bread and I told him I had no money. He asked me if my man doth not care for me. I said I guess not. He told me to go get him and he would protest him to care for me. I laughed.

It was a really neat experience and we are glad that we could do that with Nana J and Aunt Amanda. We might just have to go back with the whole family.