Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What were they thinking?

I have to share what happened to me yesterday. It was about 5:30 pm and I was making Bryce some cereal, and I was about to set him down on the carpet in the living room and the front door opened a little. So I looked over at it and it shut by itself. Now I am a pretty paranoid person normally and this would have really freaked me out but I was relatively calm. I walked over to the door and peaked out the peep hole. I saw some people standing in the street and I thought that maybe they were just delivering things on the door knob. Sometimes the door doesn't latch all the way and I thought that maybe they pushed on the door and it opened slightly. So I went to get the rest of Bryce's food and thought I need to look out the peep whole one last time. As I did there was this woman with her daughter walking to the front door. I stepped back for a minute because I thought that maybe she was going to knock and I didn't want it to startle me. As I did that the door opened. I was kind of startled at first and then I grabbed the door and opened it. My initial thought was that maybe they just forgot and walked into the wrong house. And then she started to talk. She said "I saw that the house was for sale and we noticed that it was unlocked, we were going to come in and look around" I am sure that I had that your stupid look on my face and said, "this is my house and I live here, if you want to come in and look at it you are going to have to call the number on the sign and make an appointment." she said "oh". I was stunned. Who thinks that they can just go into unlocked homes like that and not think that there is some one living in there. Are people really that stupid? This is TEXAS, we could have guns, they could get shot for doing something like that. What were they thinking?

Monday, August 25, 2008


Now Bryce has been able to get around by himself for about a month and a half now. I know that at this age everything goes straight into their mouths, but we are always surprised to see what he comes crawling around the corner with.

He seems to find good substitutes for his pacifier. My favorite has to be the superman doll hanging out of his mouth. It doesn't look like superman is going to survive this one.

First Day Of School

Look at these Handsome boys, why are they so good looking today? Today is the First day of school, wahoooooooo!!!!! School was great! The boys had a blast and got sent off this morning on a great start. They were excited to go and excited to come home.

Brenden is in Kindergarten Riley is in Third Grade.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


School is Back

Hurray for school. Although I have to say that I did enjoy those mornings of some what a sleep in, I am so ready for my adorable, well mannered, anything but noisy children, to go back to school. Mom is the most excited about school starting again, I get my life and routine back to normal. The Boys are kind of excited I think or lack of excitement for the new-ness of it all but for the most part I am ready. Let me ask the rest of you moms out there about school supplies. I know that we pay our taxes for school so why would I need to buy the school copy paper? This years school supply list was a tad bit out of the ordinary. What ever happened to just needing a few note books, binders, and pencil. Maybe throw in some crayons and construction paper. But my goodness we spent over $100.00 for school supplies this year between the two of them. I was talking to my mother in law about it and she said that she read an article in the paper about a family in Allen TX that had already spent over $2000.00 on her two kids in High school. What is that all about? My children are not aloud to go to High School mainly because by the time they get there I won't be able to afford it. Thank goodness that is only around the corner YIKES!
On a good note we are anxious to get back to school! Yeah School, Hello Sanity!!!!!