Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School is Back

Hurray for school. Although I have to say that I did enjoy those mornings of some what a sleep in, I am so ready for my adorable, well mannered, anything but noisy children, to go back to school. Mom is the most excited about school starting again, I get my life and routine back to normal. The Boys are kind of excited I think or lack of excitement for the new-ness of it all but for the most part I am ready. Let me ask the rest of you moms out there about school supplies. I know that we pay our taxes for school so why would I need to buy the school copy paper? This years school supply list was a tad bit out of the ordinary. What ever happened to just needing a few note books, binders, and pencil. Maybe throw in some crayons and construction paper. But my goodness we spent over $100.00 for school supplies this year between the two of them. I was talking to my mother in law about it and she said that she read an article in the paper about a family in Allen TX that had already spent over $2000.00 on her two kids in High school. What is that all about? My children are not aloud to go to High School mainly because by the time they get there I won't be able to afford it. Thank goodness that is only around the corner YIKES!
On a good note we are anxious to get back to school! Yeah School, Hello Sanity!!!!!


~Hartwig Family~ said...

Amen sister!! Michael starts on Monday but on a short three hour block for the first month due to some constuction issues. So many in another month I will be normal again!! :-) Glad to see you back blogging!

Suz said...

Hello Kristi, I totally agree...I too am ready for school to start.

Congratulations on your third son. I missed that one.

Enjoy your sanity!

Unknown said...
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Dee said...

It is crazy!! All of sudden YOU are suppose to supply teachers with their supplies too! I know teachers USE to get a classroom budget.. i read that same article. But don't worry too much that 2000.00 balance included fees for 2kids high school band trips... does that make it better??.. lol