Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Date Night

Date night was so much fun. We went on a treasure hunt, called Geo caching. You use your GPS devise to find Geo boxes that people have hidden. The object is to look for the box with the location given on your GPS and then you take an item and then leave a new item. A lot of these boxes contain logs that you leave name and time found. It was really neat to do and a lot of fun. It is the equivalent to an Easter egg hunt. We found some easy ones but I think that it is something that we are going to continue to do.

This tree was one of the location of a small box. It was left in a whole in the middle of the tree. The clue to the location was It's Alive and when you stand under the tree it has branches that hang down at you and they look like they are going to grab you. Just like the whopping willow tree in Harry Potter.

Tony did an EXCELLENT JOB with date night and it was nice to do something that wasn't just Dinner and a movie. It was GREAT thank you Honey.


~Hartwig Family~ said...

I have heard about this.. Looks like fun! I set my blog to private.. Send me an email and I will add you to the list..

Jenna said...

I didn't realize you blogged! I never visit actual blogs anymore. I just read new posts on my Google Reader, so I just saw the link to you from your little pregnant sister! I loved seeing pics of you and your boys. I'm jealous that you got date night and I LOVED your mothers day post. I'm stealing that for a blog post sometime soon!! So good to (vicariously) see you!! :-)
Love Jenna

April Austin said...

Sure...geocaching is great...if you don't mind poison ivy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Hartwig Family~ said...

Hey I got your email and now I can't find it to write you back.. I sent an invite to your other email at optonline a while back. So when you get this email me back at tessahartwig@gmail.com so I can put you on the list for my blog! Tootles

Tiffani and Christopher Guymon said...

Hey Guys!!! I am glad I found you on here. What a fun date night. Good job, Tony. Keep in touch!