Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nothing But Trouble

So for some time now we have been chasing Bryce around the house because you never know what he is sneaking into. Recently I got so fed up that I tied the chairs for the Table to the table legs in an attempt to prevent this from happening three even four times a day. He is a monster!

These were the easy days, the bad days are when you catch your one year old sprawled across the stove trying to turn it on. Yikes! The chair was his personal accomplice. We had to get rid of him....(the chair)

Backyard fun!

Riley got this baseball game from Nana and Papa Needs and the boys had a great time playing with it the other day. I had to post Brenden because he cracked me up. Watch where he throws the balls and how he throws them....

I Love this Kid!