Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow marks our Ten Year Anniversary. What can I say to TEN YEARS!!!! We made it, we beat the odds, or how about a simple I love you babe. This last ten years has been wonderful and trying but we have made some crazy great things out of it.

1. Riley Scott Johansen
2. Renowned faith in each other
3. Brenden Connor Johansen
4. Renowned faith in the church
5. Courage to try something new
6. Countless moves
7. Two beautiful homes.
8. Bryce James Johansen
9. Renewed love for each other
10. Respect
11. Compromise
12. Knowledge of each other
13. Growth
14. Understanding
15. Countless numbers of pets
16. Two wonderful families
17. Strength
18. Love

Most of these things are works in progress but what is a great marriage without a goal in mind. I love you and all that you are. I am grateful to have gotten this far in our life and to have accomplished so much together. I will take the bad with the good and the good with bad and follow you anywhere. Except back to New York. Just kidding. Happy ten year anniversary. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Guys,
I hope ya'll can celebrate many more increments of tens!
Are ya'll doing anything special?

Unknown said...

Aww how sweet!!.....Um, whats wrong with New York, I'm here!! lol.....


April Austin said...

Happy Anniversary...a little late. I can't believe you made it to ten!?!?! :) hehe. You guys are fabulous and I can't wait to celebrate 50 with you!