Saturday, June 27, 2009

Symbols of Love

It starts out with a routine visit to see my sister in Flower Mound. As I was driving down a road near home on my way out to Flower Mound a small flag caught my eye. This flag was laying in the middle of the road getting ran over by cars and school buses. I watched in my mirror as I passed it by to see if anyone was stopping to pick it up. My first instinct was to stop and get it out of the road. This was the least that I could do considering I am a wife to a United States Marine, one who I know loves his flag enough to walk to the model home next store and take down there tattered flag and give it to them. I thought to myself that if the flag was still there on my way home then I will go and get it out of the road. What was I thinking. I dismissed it because I was upset with Tony and I thought that at the time it was more important to be mad at him. Well time went on and about a week later I felt the urge to tell him about the flag. That it was just in the road and no one was stopping to pick it up. Then he said "What did you do?" I wanted so badly to be able to tell him that I slammed on my brakes and stopped traffic to pick up this symbol of our freedom that was getting trampled on. I know that this would have made him extremely proud. Instead I looked out the window and said "If it was still there I was going to get it on my way back, but it was gone." I thought about it for a moment and thought about the things that I am doing in my life. I want to be able to return to my heavenly father and be able to tell him that I gave that neighbor that book of Mormon, and not I meant to, but I was afraid that they would never talk to me again. Or When he asks what happened to the Sister that needed a friend, why didn't you see her, Oh I meant to there just was never a good time. I want to be able to say Yes I did those things, and even though they may not have made this big impression at the time, he will show me how that seed was planted and the testimony that grew. I have decided that I will do instead of think about it. I thought about rescuing that flag and how cool it would have been to stop traffic, but all I can say is that I thought about it. As I thought more about what had happened the prompting to get up and bare my testimony was extremely strong. Who knows it is possible that I might act upon that and DO IT.

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April Austin said...

Wow. I love this post. That is such an incredible story and SUCH amazing insight on your part. I love you Kris. You are such an example to me.