Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Tony

I would like to extend out a belated Happy Birthday to my wonderful Husband. WooHoo he is forever 29 this year. His Birthday was November 19Th and we celebrated it all week long. It was a blast.

We had dinner with his family and then Ice Cream with mine two days later. Then the Big day was November 20Th and 21st. We managed to sneak away to Houston to see the Metallica concert. Yeah Metallica ! It was amazing.
Getting away from the kiddos is a treat with in itself, but the added bonus of a night full of screaming and jumping up and down to great music was blissful. We ventured right back to our youth, minus some of the crazy things that we use to do. We still had a great time.


April Austin said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Tony!! I'm still really jealous about the Metallica concert. It sounded awesome!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jeb! At least you got to use your ticket this time, instead of me having to use it! LOL!

Jessica Lynn said...

Happy bday circa last month. We still owe you guys some ice cream! :) Yum!