Monday, March 31, 2008

Thomas The Train

Thomas was in Grapevine Tx this week, and we went out to visit him. Brenden has been a big fan of trains since he was itty bitty. So to go see Thomas was a big treat for him. He was so excited to see him and so was everyone else in the metroplex. It was packed out there and there were screaming children every where. It was great. Riley was going to be in the picture too but at the last minute he decided that he was too big for Thomas and didn't want to be pictured with him. Go figure, but the had fun none the less.

Bryce of course slept through the noise and the train ride. It is amazing how they can sleep through all the noise and whistle blowing of the train. Not to mention the wonderful Thomas music that was playing on the train.

Papa Johansen works out at the train station there in grapevine and that is how we knew Thomas was coming. Well of course the tickets to ride the train were full so Papa snuck the boys on the train to ride in the engine with the conductor. It was really neat. There was something surreal about it. We definitely got the special treatment that day and the boys were so happy to get to spend some time with there Nana and Papa.

There were other activities at the big Thomas day out. They got to see a blacksmith and that was cool. He made horse shoes for the boys with there initials on them. It was really neat to see how the horse shoes were made. They used hot coals and pounded out the horse shoe and melted in there initials. They enjoyed it alot.

In all it was a great day out withthe Family and Thomas The Tank Engine.


Dee said...

that looks like so much fun!!! Tell Riley you are never to old for Thomas the Train!! =0) Love the pics!!

Mamaj said...

Papa J and I had so much fun with the boys. Brenden was in complete ecstasy getting to ride with the engineer in the cab of the train. Riley was more interested in the airplanes that were landing....oh well.