Friday, March 14, 2008

The Boy's New Toys

Well today we decided to get some new toys for all the boys to play with. I got a brand new 150cc 4-wheeler and the boys got a brand new 90cc go kart. When we got them home we couldn't wait to take them out for a test drive. I began by taking each one of the boys individually on a test ride to get them familiar with the controls. It wasn't long before we were joy riding through the quiet streets of our neighborhood. Now I thought the streets would be better to ride on because the sidewalks were very narrow and Brenden had already driven the kart into a fire hydrant. We were having a good time until in one split moment Riley decided to take his eye of the road so he could wave at some passer-by's. In that one moment he drove our brand new go kart into a park car and managed to bend the steering column and flatten the right front tire. Fortunately there was no damage done to the parked car. The only damage was to our kart and Riley's pride. Oh well, hopefully we will be able to repair the damage (the kart's and Riley's). Maybe go karts wern't such a good idea.


Today: In Seven said...

Found your blog by clicking "next blog", saying hello. Those look like fun.

~Hartwig Family~ said...

Awww I wish I could have been there to see that crash! Of course it wouldn't have been funny at first but after.. now that is when it gets funny! I am sure he learned his lesson right? Miss you guys.. hope to see you soon!

Dee said...

well, at least it was a go cart he crashed and burned on, he should have the hang of it by license's time! =0)