Saturday, March 15, 2008

2 Month Check-Up

Little Baby Bryce went in for his 2 month check up and he is not so little anymore. It is crazy how fast they grow. He has doubled in height and weight, weighing in at 14 lbs. and 24 inches. Although he still looks small to me it seems so sad that they grow so fast and I just can't help but think that the next time I turn around he will be crawling.

This last week he started to coo and smile at us and it has been alot of fun getting to know his personality. If only you could slow them down when and then speed them up through the bad times. Some one should make a remote for that, like the movie click.
I would fast forward through the temper tantrums and slow down this stage in his life. We are definitely enjoying this one a little more because we know that he is our last. I just wish that they didn't have to grow so fast.

Children are the most wholesome part
of the race, the sweetest, for they are
the freshest from the hand of God,
Whimsical, ingenious, mischievous, they
fill the world with joy, and good humor.
We adults live a life of apprehension
as to what they will think of us; a life
of defense against their terrifying energy;
a life of hard work to live up to their
great expectations. We put them to bed
with a sense of relief - and greet them in
the morning with delight and anticipation.
We envy them the freshness of adventure
and the discovery of life.
In all these ways, children add to the
wonder of being alive. In all these ways,
they help to keep us young.
- Herbert Hoover


~Hartwig Family~ said...

Now I am even more angry would could not come and see you :-( It will be ok... It will be ok... Just have to keep telling myself that..:-) He is so cute.. I love naked diaper babies that are cute with rolls.. Tell him to slow down so I can see him before he is walking when I come in June!

April Austin said...

Wow...I've missed a lot. He's HUGE! I guess, because I'm so used to Devin's 30 pounds, Bryce seems so small. But he's on target to be as big as Devin. So maybe he won't be crawling the next time you turn around (unless you don't turn around for 14 months..or possibly ever).