Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tony's Garden

This is for Tony he asked me how his garden was growing and I decided to share it with everyone. Tony started a little vegetable garden before he left. He spent a day outside building it a raised flowerbed that he was very proud of and we are going to attempt to grow some food. I am however a little weary about him leaving it up to me while he is away. You see we did the house plant thing when we first got married and spent about $200 on nice plants. Well I killed just about everyone of those plants in about a month. So hopefully he will get home in time to be able to save these. They seem to be doing just fine. They are still alive for now!!!!!!!!!


~Hartwig Family~ said...

They look good Tony! Great job on the beds!

April Austin said...

Oh but not for long. He's still got two weeks...I'm betting on your plant-killing skills to win out!