Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tony, Jeb, Anthony, Dad, Johansen

My husband has many names to many people. Why, I have no idea but for some reason all of them have stuck. Work calls him Jeb or Sgt Johansen, Of course I call him Tony,and the boys call him Dad. Those who don't know him at all end up calling him Anthony. I am OK with it but when I call down at work and ask for Tony they ask "who". Of course I say "oh I mean Jeb", Then they understand. We are grateful to announce that he has gotten a raise and was finally promoted to Staff Sgt Johansen. We are so very proud of him, he has taken on so many new rolls in his job. Just to name a few:

He is a mentor for this struggling family, and has become quiet passionate in helping them to turn things around. This poor individual is on his way to being kicked out simply for making bad decisions, and being put on the back burner because he is a problem. Tony has talked with him and for now has gotten through all the fog that has seemed to have clouded this kids way. It is wonderful to see him helping others out.

He is also on the flight crew now, which means more money and opportunities to see the world. Over last summer he had to go through a vigorous swim qualification that consisted of a simulation of a sinking plane and escaping. All the crazy stuff that in the event a plane crashes you are prepared to escape. Very scary for me!

And of course the big one is Promotion to Staff Sgt. Which tacks on tons of responsibility for people and tools and planes. His family oh so proud of him!!!!

Currently he has taken off for Japan for 30 days or so give or take a few and are hoping that he will post along the way. I am excited to see and hear how things are going over there. I do have to admit that I am a little jealous too.


Jessica Lynn said...

I dont know about any of those names, I call him Tang. He likes it when I call him Tang.

Jodi said...

Hi Kristi! Congratulations on the new baby. Our babies are only weeks apart. Too bad we didn't live closer to each other. I don't know how you take care of 3 boys while you're husband is gone. You're my hero!

April Austin said...

You're my hero too Kristi!!!! And Tony's my hero. I just love Tony and we are so proud of him least as long as he stops taking you away to New York. I don't think I'm going to like him much come next summer.

Dee said...

I am very proud of ya'll! You both have been great friends over the years!! The boys just don't know how lucky they are to have ya'll as parents! I am glad you are back in TX, it is easier to laugh about us NOT getting together when u are much closer! LOL!!