Thursday, October 2, 2008

Testing our Patients

Bedtime has been a challenge this last week. The boys think that Nana's house is a play house and I know that the same rules at Home do not apply at Nana's. So they take full advantage of it as would any kid. Yesterday was a test of patients, Brenden and Riley were having a hard time getting to sleep and after telling them 3 times to go to bed Brenden snuck down the stairs and told me that he can't sleep because a bug crawled across his head and erased his memory and his brain. Where that came from I have no idea but that was his excuse for not being in bed. Riley on the other hand kept telling me that his coughing was keeping him up and proceeded to exaggerate his cough almost to the point of vomiting. He was caught by his Aunt April leaning over the banister rail coughing as hard as he could so we could hear him. I mean honestly who would blame them there are all these fun people at the house that they want to be around. It really is hard being a kid sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

All I have to say about this is "THINK GOD I ONLY ONE KID TO PUT TO BED!" He can't play with anybody else, or conspire reasons why they need to be up. I lay him down, say his bad dream go away "chant" and he's alseep in 5 min. By the time they get settled in ya'll get your house. LOL!