Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2001

As we woke up this morning the thought never crossed our minds that today marked the 7Th anniversary of the most horrific day that I can remember. It seems to be some what forgotten now and life has gone on as it should. But today I wanted to take the time out to post a blog in HONOR of my husband. He may not have been one of those who tried to rescue many from the burning buildings, but he has played a part in supporting his country to defend what had happened. He spent almost a year in Iraq in 2002 preparing and fixing planes that had jobs to drop off supplies and troops that were out in the muck of war fare. He had to deal with the extreme dessert conditions and constant threat of bombs. I remember getting an email from him and him telling me that they had to put on their gas masks today because there was a threat of deadly gas, or that they missed out on food because it was being poisoned. It seems to be so trivial in comparison to those who lost there lives on this day, but I will forever be proud to tell those that my husband was and is a MARINE and has nobly served his country. We love you!


Angela Baird said...

Kristi...what a neat posting...I love to hear about people who are directly involved with the war somehow. Thanks for finding my blog...I love that I have been able to get in touch with my TX friends through blogging. I have been terrible to keep in touch with everyone, but will keep in touch periodically through blogging. I'd love your address/email for Christmas cards, too. I am glad you are doing well! Tell Tessa to invite me to view her blog, too, if you don't mind!! Love you, girl! Angela Gunnell Baird

Anonymous said...

First off your site looks great i like the change.
it's crazy to think about the guys being over there. it's a good thing there's no chance of bert going back i don't think my heart and anxiety could take it. jeb desert pic's are great. my brother left for deployment training tues. and leaves in nov for iraq to train iraq MP soldiers. yikes!

~Hartwig Family~ said...

I am proud of the men and women that serve and the women and men that support those in the military. You are one tough chica because of it.

So, I am laughing about your news about the dog.. HILARIOUS!!! You should know by now that we always try to have children together. I just chose a different child route this time and you followed suit. LOL.. I can't wait to hear that you are it's new owner for sure. LAUGHING LAUGHING LAUGHING... gotta love it!